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    Welcome to the homepage for the WHS Environmental Club!
    Environmental Club has gone paperless! 
    If you want to join the Environmental Club, please fill out the membership form by clicking HERE.
    Please note that your membership isn't complete until you submit your $5 dues payment to Ms. Stevenson in room 121.
    Get "Caught Green Handed" in your Environmental Club t-shirt, available NOW in room 121. The cost is $20 and limited sizes are available...first come, first served!
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    The main purpose of this club is to implement and manage a school wide recycling program.  Members of the club will also be able to suggest and vote on other projects for the club to complete throughout the school year. We also volunteer consistently with the Henry Community Gardens "Helping Harvest" Garden, which has grown over 3,500 pounds of vegetables to donate to the local foodbanks.


    Requirements to participate in the Environmental Club are as follows:

              $5.00 dues payment (once per school year)

              10 service hours


    Frequently Asked Questions:


              *What does my $5 go toward?

                       -Dues go into the Environmental Club account at WHS and the money is used to fund our various projects.  Sometimes it will be necessary to purchase supplies, paint, recycling bins, bags, rubber gloves, etc.  Also, if funds allow this money can pay for treats like club parties! ;o)


              *How do I earn my 10 service hours? That seems like a lot!!

                       -Actually it’s easy!  Anytime you stay after to help collect or sort recyclables at the school it counts as time toward your service hours.  Attendance at meetings also counts.  Sometimes we’ll have work days or projects to do and any help you offer counts for your 10 service hours.


              *Will we get club shirts?

                       -Yes, and they’ll be awesome.  You’ll have to pay for them though.


              *Will we get to be in the yearbook?

                       -Yes, and it will be awesome as well.  :o)


Last Modified on October 2, 2017