• The Georgia performance standards for mathematics were designed to achieve a balance among concepts, skills, and problem solving. The curriculum stresses rigorous concept development, presents realistic and relevant tasks, and keeps a strong emphasis on computational skills. At all grades, the curriculum encourages students to reason mathematically, to evaluate mathematical arguments both formally and informally, to use the language of mathematics to communicate ideas and information precisely, and to make connections among mathematical topics and to other disciplines.

    Mathematics Common Core State Standards:

    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed through multiple rounds of development and feedback from states and national organizations, with representatives from the State of Georgia providing feedback at each round.

    The Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) for mathematics was one of the state curricula used to inform the creation of the CCSS for mathematics. So, it is no surprise that 90% of the GPS align with the CCSS. Therefore, when Georgia teachers are teaching GPS mathematics, in essence they are teaching CCSS mathematics. The rigor and relevance, as well as the balance of skills, concepts, and problem solving found in GPS mathematics is mirrored in the CCSS.

    The CCSS, like the GPS, is evidence and/or research based, vertically aligned, and internationally benchmarked so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society. Although some content may be in different grade levels, all of the standards addressed in the CCSS are addressed in GPS mathematics. Most importantly, our work with GPS has prepared Georgia for the implementation of the CCSS. Implementation will result in few, if any, minor adjustments in GPS mathematics. Thus, we will simply move toward teaching an upgraded GPS mathematics, Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) Mathematics.

Last Modified on August 3, 2012