• Woodland High Academic Team: Academic Owl
    Club Sponsor: Mr. David Fekete
    Regularly Scheduled Meetings:
    Tuesdays after school, Room 222
    Competition Dates: Dates for 2018 TBD

    Club Description:
    The Academic Team is an organization at Woodland High School created for students who wish to participate competitively in the Quiz Bowl team format. A team consists of 5 players at one time (plus substitutes who can swap in during a round) on the buzzers who can ring in when they have the answer to a toss-up question. After answering a toss-up correctly, teams work together to come up with an answer to related bonus questions.
    The Academic Team participates in a number of meets during the school year, most of them held during the first semester. Since 2015, we have been an active school in the Henry County Quiz Bowl League. During a season we match up against the other high schools in our county. A season is usually about 5 or 6 evenings of matches, held either at WHS or at the opponent's school.
    Regular practices have been held in the past on Wednesdays after school until 5pm. Most competition nights have been Mondays in the past. Both nights are subject to change based on student interest and availability.
    During practices, we conduct research on the competition topics: Math, English/Literature, Social Studies, Science, and Wild Card (which often includes fine arts, sports trivia, current events). We also conduct practice rounds where we break in to smaller teams and compete against ourselves. Knowing both the subjects and knowing about the flow of a round is important to having a successful tournament.





Last Modified on July 26, 2018