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    Gifted Education  
    “Human intelligence is the world's most important resource. We should do everything we can to nurture and protect it.”
    (Mensa Foundation)

    Welcome to the gifted program at Timber Ridge Elementary. As part of this program, your child will be served for a segment each day in the gifted classroom. During this segment, your child will participate in hands-on activities that address the 4 C’s along with the ELA Henry County Teaching and Learning Standards.

    What are the 4 C's?  The 4 C's are critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. During this segment, I will encourage creativity and critical thinking in both individual and collaborative situations in which students will be asked to communicate their understanding of the standards.  


    Accelerated Content- Gifted students will continue to receive the ELA and Math accelerated standards in their homeroom class, along with an emphasis on Depth of Knowledge in Science and Social Studies. 

    Setting Goals: As part of the Gifted Program students are required to set and monitor goals for the school year. As a Gifted Collaborative Specialist, I will be assisting the students, and teachers with developing the goals. 

    Gifted Showcase: Students will participate in the annual Gifted Showcase. This is an exciting time for our students as they celebrate their talents, academic growth, and service projects. We look forward to having parents attend this event. 

    ~Mrs. Jones


     Mrs. Christine Jones