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    School Email Address: lillie.jordan@henryk12.ga.us
    I teach 1st Grade
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  • Daily Schedule, Updated


    7:45-8:00                                            Morning Meeting/Attendance

    8:00-8:30                                            Phonics

    8:30-8:35                                            Brainbreak/Bathroom

    8:35-9:05                                            Language Arts/Writing

    9:10-10:00                                          Math

    10:00-10:10                                        Bathroom Break

    10:10-10:40                                        Social Studies

    10:45-11:05                                        Recess

    11:10-11:45                                        Small Group Math

    11:50-12:35                                        Lunch

    12:40-1:25                                          Specials

    1:30-2:30                                            Guided Reading/Small Group (This time can change when we return to face to face learning?















  • Greetings Students,

     The first semester is over and the second semester is finally here. We have learned so much in our class and we still have a lot more to cover in first grade.  Let me be the first to give thanks to each of you for showing up every day, doing your best.  Many of the quizzes and even tests show that you have been paying attention in class.  I am so proud of all of you.

    We will learn a lot of new material during the next nine weeks.  It is so important for you to be present every day.   Face to face students, please remember, class starts at 7:45.  You are expected to have finished breakfast, used the bathroom, and in your seat ready to learn.

    Remote students are expected to follow the same routine.  You should be logged on, the camera on, and finished your breakfast before 7:45.  Remote students should find an area at home that allows them to sit up, Ipad face level and the camera should remain on throughout the day or for as long as we are in class. 

    Class starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:10.  Please be prepared to remain in class during these times.



    Greetings Parents,

    You have supported all of our efforts and you should be commended for it.  Whether you are online with us or connected face to face, I have experienced nothing but support and concern from each of you.  Please help your child read the above expectations.  Again, thank you!


    Thank you again for entrusting your child toAn apple for you! our school and more specifically my class for 2020-2021.