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    welcome to Ms. McClain's and
    Mrs. Hooper Kindergarten Class

    welcome back  



    Hello parents welcome to Pate's Creek Elementary School,

    Here are a few things your child will learn this year that’s really cool.

    They’ll go to art class and music class too,

     P.E. and the library to name a few.

    They’ll learn about blending, ten frames, and maps,

    Globes and rhyming don’t forget about that.

    We’ll teach about the day and nighttime sky,

    Adding and subtracting numbers that are low and  high.

    They’ll learn about the rocks and the soil too,

    Learn how to be community helpers that will benefit me and you.

    We’ll teach them about plants they’re really cool,

    All these neat things we learn here at school.

    Now while they’re here they’ll learn new rules

    But most important, Never Bully others at home or school.

    Always be caring with words or actions,

    Treat others with respect is our satisfaction.

    They will follow procedures and participate in class,

    We’ll have a lot of fun this year it will go by fast.

    We'll learn to ask and answer questions in the different ways we train,

    We'll learn about movement to use the right and left side of our brain.

    We’ll teach them true and interesting facts,

    Like your brain named itself, did you know that?

    They’ll learn about what an author and Illustrator do,

    Respond to suggestions from peers to improve writing too.

    Show creativity by appropriately using materials in various ways,

    Display imagination in story telling, writing, drawings, songs, and plays.

    Sorting objects into categories each day to name a few,

    It’ll be real busy but we’ll get through.

    They’ll meet Mr. Blevins, he’s really cool, he's the Principal at Pate's Creek Elementary school ,

    They'll meet Mr. McRae, he's also cool, he's the Assistant Principal of the school.

    Everyone is treated equally we’re all the same,

    My parapro is Mrs. Hooper and I am the teacher,

    Ms. McClain.
      The poem above is a copyright copy right of Russ Acree, Source of information given by Theresa McClain. All rights are reserved by author Russ Acree, the use of this poem is strictly prohibited unless written permission is submitted.




    Parent/ Teacher Communication is Important!

    A good parent-teacher relationship is necessary. Throughout the year, you will be contacted through daily progress reports, weekly newsletters, written notes, emails, telephone calls, and parent-teacher conferences. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. You may call me at 770-389-8819 ext.251, send me a note, or e-mail me at tmcclain@henry.k12.ga.us  I am available for conferences regarding your child’s progress by appointment on school days.