• Teacher Name: Bridgett Head, ED.S.
    School Email Address: bridgetthead@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Early Childhood/ Elementary (Reading Interventionist for K-5)
    Years of Experience:24
    Certifications/Endorsements:Talented and Gifted, Teacher Support Specialist, Diversity Trainer (Ruby Payne), F&P Credentialed Trainer, STEM Certificate, Numeracy Credentialed Trainer (IKAN/GLOSS), Student Support Coordinator, and Academic Coaching Endorsement
    Degrees:Bachelors of Science in Education, Masters in Education and Post Secondary Studies, Specialist in Administration and Leadership, and GCU Doctoral Program (Curriculum & Instruction) -ABD
    Other: MTSS Co-Chair
              PCESTeams Advisor/Mentor
              Title 1 Tutor
              Innovative Champion               
              Ruby Payne (Understanding Poverty) Certified Diversity Trainer
               SMILE/STEM Certification (Science,Technology,Engineering/Enrichment, & Math)                     
               IKAN/GLOSS Credentialed (Math Numeracy Trainer)
    Ms. Head 
    Ms. B. Head, ED.S. 
    Early Intervention Professional