•                                                                                        Greetings Pate's Creek Family
                                                                                                Welcome to 2016-2017! 
    My name is Dr. Cynthia McCray, the proud principal of Pate's Creek Elementary School. I have been an educator since 1993 (23+ years) and this will be my 8th year as a Principal in the Henry County School district. I reside in Henry Co. with my husband Jerald and our two kids,  Jalen and Jade.  
    We are excited to kick off this year with our theme, "Under Construction- Building For Greatness" You will see a complete renovation of Pate's Creek over the next 15 months, both externally and internally.  Our school will receive major updates; including beautiful new floor tile in lieu of carpet throughout the building, mounted projectors/interactive whiteboards for all classrooms, painted walls throughout the school, and more!  While the building is being renovated, our instructional focus will continue. All 3rd and 4th grade students will be housed in the cottages outside near the playgrounds. Other grade levels will spend approximately 6-8 weeks on the "transitional hall" until their hall is completely renovated. This year teachers will be implementing many research-based teaching models/practices in the classrooms. Some will have alternative seating classrooms, station teaching occurring in multiple rooms, team teaching, student-led teaching, choice board opportunities and more! We will continue to provide the best instruction, support, and professional learning  needed to ensure that our students are learning.

    We will have monthly PTO meetings and afterwards, Instructional Focus Nights where teachers will provide strategies and suggestions that parents can use at home to assist their child(ren) each month. 
    Parents, we are asking that you continue to take an active role in your child's education. Please consider volunteering at least one hour/month at your child's school; we need you! Please continue to review your child's work and behavior daily and communicate with the teacher. I strongly believe when all stakeholders are actively involved in the work of Pate's Creek Elementary, we will move closer to reaching our goals and fulfilling our vision. 
    Thanks so much for your continued support and I look forward to working with your family this year!
    Pate's Creek Elementary - "Our Children Come First"  
    Dr. Cynthia McCray
Last Modified on June 14, 2017