My Purpose is to help empower and equip teachers to engage students effectively and to challenge all students by providing relevant, effective professional development along with coaching support.
    As we embark on the new school year,  we will work towards building a stronger student centered, purpose driven environment where highly effective teachers and engaged students are cultivated.  Each day will be approached with enthusiasm for learning where teachers encourage and challenge students to perform at their highest levels.  Learning environments will be collaborative, creative, and engaging whilst allowing students to have active roles in their learning.  Supported by teachers, students will work to develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, and increase their comprehension of more complex material.  
    I am a Mercer University graduate with dual certification in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I hold a MS in Education as well as being Gifted Certified.  I am committed to continued professional development, sharing my love of learning, as well as helping to develop and inspire life long learners. As we continue on this journey collaboratively great things can be accomplished!
    Ms. Johnson