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     My Philosophy
       I think kids should want to be active. Physical activity should be fun enough that the kids would get bored playing video games all day.  They should be challenged to get to the next level just like video games. Being together with other kids playing a sport can help the kids become socialized and understand each other’s point of view.  Kids should want to feel good about their body and realize that they can have fun being in shape. 
     General Information:

    In the Physical Education Department, DES prides itself on having a positive program whereby your child will be learning basic skills, along with cooperative games/activities.  In class, students are learning positive values such as teamwork and fair play.

    SAFETY is very important in P.E.  It is imperative that your child wear safe shoes (running shoes with a back) on their appointed P.E. day(s).  Three days of unsafe shoes in a nine-week grading period will result in your child receiving a “1” on their report card.

    At DES it is expected that your child will give their best effort in P.E. class each day.  Behavior and cooperation is just as important as trying hard. 

    PLEASE NOTE: If your child is sick or hurt and cannot participate that day in P.E., please send a note with your child; otherwise they must participate in the day’s activities.  A doctor’s note will be needed to stay out of P.E. for an extended period of time.


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