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             Welcome to grades 2-3 
    Early Intervention Program (EIP)
    at Dutchtown Elementary School!
    Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me. I am thrilled about supporting your children through this year back in school. I am here to improve their confidence and enhance their foundational skills in Reading and Math. 
    I am a 30 year veteran teacher who has taught EIP nearly a decade. Collaborating with passionate teachers, we are mentally strong for the challenge of measuring academic progress, providing social/emotional support, and supporting areas of academic weakness. We will work with you to target those areas and close learning gaps. We make EIP a fluid process whereas students can exit the program as quickly, as skills improve which are measured by  Measures of Academic Progress Assessment (MAP). 

    Students find my class challenging, yet comfortable to learn due to small class sizes.  We learn in small groups that are well planned and differentiated to personalize your child's experience.

    Students spend 60-70% of their instructional segment on acceleration (3-4 days per week) which will push out learning targets 1-2 weeks ahead of their teacher.  This allows students to become exposed to lessons well before their teacher arrives at the same content, helping them gain knowledge and confidence as their homeroom teachers begin units.

    Additionally, students spend 30-40% of the instructional block on remediation (1-2 days per week) which allows students to revisit areas of concern.  It is during this time that we work on foundational skills  to strengthen reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary acquisition and math fact fluency and reasoning.

    Utilizing district issued iPads and chrome books, your child has a username and password to acess all school related learning. Please have your child share those credentials with you and keep an additional copy of it for future use in the event they become lost.

    A  few helpful sites where your child can read at their personal RIT band level are http://fortheteachers.org , and readworks.org. If you think your child would benefit from watching math videos, please visit http://mathantics.com