Hello Parents and Students!

    My name is Mrs. Whitley and I am Woodland Middle School’s Graduation Coach.

    Originally from North Carolina, I graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh. My husband

    and I moved to Georgia in 1994. We have three sons, all working and out on their own now.

    I take advantage of every opportunity I have to spend time with family and friends.

    As Woodland’s Graduation Coach, my role is to support students along their path to graduation.

    I work collaboratively with our administrators, counselors, and teachers to provide needed

    support for our students to master their grade level curriculum, create good attendance and study

    habits, and overcome barriers to reaching their full potential.

    Having been at Woodland since its opening in 2007, I can assure you it is a great place to be!

    I look forward to assisting in any way I can. You can reach me at my email address


    or by calling the school at 770-389-2774.