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    Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we embark on our remote learning plan. Please email joy.ross@henry.k12.ga.us for math questions and kelly.taylor@henry.k12.ga.us for Language Arts questions you may have regarding the assignments listed below. Please check my page daily for updates. Please see "Remote Digital Learning plan" tab at the side.  We will have a link to classwork daily assignments.  









    5/11 Monday

    Must Do:

    -One and Only Ivan 145-153

    -Read 20 Minutes

    MAY DO:

    an unfinished Language Lesson


    -20 Minutes of Odysseyware

    Lesson module 20

    Math:  Solve problems: Students will complete: ONLINE HMH 

    5/11  Monday  Lesson 20.4   – Do the Math


    Prodigy 20 min.

    HMH online Science:  

     5/11   What Are Some Properties of Light?

     . Please remind students to visit my website for their daily PE lessons. The direct link is https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/site/default.aspx?DomainID=2211


    5/12  Tuesday

    Kahoot on the whole book Ivan


     Math lesson: Final:  Test Module 20 on comparisons on measurements: 

    Students will complete: ONLINE HMH

    5/12 Module 20 Test  Form A: Relative Sizes of Metric Measurement Units

    Science Lesson HMH online Science:

    5/12   Lesson Quiz: What Are Some Properties of Light?

    5/13 Wednesday


    Field Day with Ms. Stewart at 10:00-10:45 on a google meet.  We will send link. 

    We will not do regular meets. 


    5/14 Thursday

    Join for a review and a few games.

    No math today:   Teacher is in class see you Friday.



    Prodigy 15 min.


    5/15  Friday

    All work is due. 

    ONE MEET:  Everyone on at 10:00

    LAST DAY   Surprise