• Let's say Hello!
    Jill G. Shedd, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
    ASHA Certified & GA Licensed
    Speech and Language Pathologist
    Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we get started on our learning plan for this new year. Our schedule is being worked out so that I can see small groups and individuals as can be arranged.  Please email me with any questions. Please view my first attempt at editing a welcome message for MCE 20-21.
    I am Jill Shedd, a certified and licensed speech & language pathologist for Mt. Carmel Elementary School.  As I work through my fourth year with MCE, I celebrate 25 years with the Henry County Board of Education, serving in elementary, middle, high, and alternative schools. 
    I have not always worked in the field of education, however.  As an SLP, I have worked in private practice, in hospitals, nursing centers, and home health.  I have worked with medically fragile individuals, brain injured individuals, professional voice users and public figures, even regular folks who want to improve the way they present themselves.
    I try to live my mission, helping people see that "Better things happen with better communication." I hope my work here promotes positive change in our community as we prepare young people for successful futures.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve students as well as adults interested in being better communicators.  
                                          Better Hearing & Speech Month
Last Modified on August 13, 2020