• Have a great summer!!!


    Thank you for an AWESOME year!  I enjoyed having your child in my class.  I am very proud of all of the progress that all of the students made this year!  In order to stay on the level that each child is currently on or grow more, he/she will need to read daily.  He/she would also benefit from reviewing sight words at least 2 or 3 times per week starting with list 1 of the Fry sight words.  The more practice the better off your child will be in first grade.  The sight words are posted on my website.  Another activity that will help your child stay ready for first grade is drawing a picture and writing at least 3 sentences to match the picture.  You can have them draw a picture of what he/she did for the day or it can be a picture of his/her choice. 

    Don’t let the summer drain your brain!  I sent home a packet of learning pages to keep your learning on target.  Please keep practicing your sight words and reading to keep those skills strong.




    Tumblebooks will be open all summer  (username: luella  password: books)


    AR will be available until June 30th


    (Kahoot listed below)

    Click the links below to practice skills! 

    Summer Links 


    Sight Words #1

    Sight Words #2

    Sight Words #3

    CVC words #1

    CVC words #2

    CVC words #3

    Bending and Segmenting Words

    Substituting Phoneme (letter sounds)


    Subtraction #1

    Subtraction #2

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