• General Attendance Procedures

    For any absence to be excused, on the first day a student returns, a handwritten note or a medical doctor’s excuse must be submitted.  Please review the list of excused absences in the 2022-2023 Henry County Schools Student Handbook listed on page ten (10).

    We will only accept five (5) handwritten notes for the school year. 

    After five (5) excused handwritten notes, further absences will remain unexcused unless a doctor's note is submitted. In addition, if a student is absent due to a sickness resulting in three (3) or more consecutive days absent, only a doctor's note will excuse the absences. 

    If your student has extenuating circumstances in regard to a medical condition, please contact our school counselor’s office for more information at 770-474-9983.


    Please provide documentation for absences as soon as possible; we are unable to excuse absences

    2 weeks after the date of the absence.

    Student attendance may be viewed through Infinite Campus. If you had an Infinite Campus account previously, you will be able to use the same username and password for CIE. If you have never created an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account, you can obtain your activation code in person from the main office or contact our school registrar Mrs. Queen at 770-474-9983.