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    My name is Gloria Dingle.  I have been in education for 38 years. I attended South Carolina State University for my BS degree in Early Childhood Education and Troy University, where I received  my MS in Reading.  My belief is that ALL students can learn!  I started my career in Butts County and then transitioned to Henry County, where I taught  at Stockbridge Elementary  for 19 years and Dutchtown Elementary for 10 years. I retired in 2014 and my love for teaching children has always remained in my heart.  Since then, I have been a substitute teacher for the county, but returning to Stockbridge Elementary has always felt like home. I have been the STEM teacher here for a couple of years.  It is now my privilege to return as your child's  full-time certified STEM teacher! In Stem, I will be teaching an extension of the  student's science units. I will be incorporating robotics for 3rd grade and K-2 will be using something different once it's been adopted .  I am so excited about working with your child to help them discover learning by using collaboration,  communication, creativity and critical thinking.