• Student Learning Devices (page 37 of HCS Student & Parent Handbook

    The District loans students a device to use and students are expected to transport their assigned device to and from school each day. All student learning devices and accessories are the property of Henry County Schools. Students must comply with Policy IFBGA: Electronic Communications, and all other school policies that govern appropriate use of technology. For additional information on Terms and Conditions for EmpowerHCS loaner program, refer to the HCS Digital Learning Device Guide located on the District’s website.

    Technology Protection Coverage: All student learning devices are covered by a limited Accidental Protection Plan (ADP) to protect against most accidental drops, spills, bumps, and structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions or handling. However, this plan excludes improper use/mal intent/intentional damage. Examples of improper use/mal intent/intentional damage may include damage to a device as a result of obvious intentional abuse by a user, a device that has been submerged in liquid (rendering it unrepairable), a crushed device (rendering it unrepairable), or a device otherwise damaged as a result of use outside the district’s Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, this plan does not cover stolen/lost devices nor does it cover the replacement of accessories. 

    To pay for damages/replacement accessories, please log in to your MySchoolBucks account: MySchoolBucks

    To report an issue with the device, please complete an Incident IQ ticket: Incident IQ

    IT Specialist: Ms. Allard-Williams 

    email: rallardwilliams@henry.k12.ga.us