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    Teacher Name: Dr. Herrera
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    Subjects I Teach: Advanced Spanish I / Spanish Connections
    Welcome Message / Mensaje de Bienvenida
    Welcome to Spanish Class / ¡Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!

    My name is Dr. Herrera and I am very excited to be Woodland Middle School's second Spanish Teacher.  I being teaching for more than 25 years. This is an outstanding middle school and my goal is to make our Spanish Program the best in Henry County Public Schools.  Currently, Woodland is the first Middle School that has started offering the Spanish Program of its kind, providing students with one year Advanced Spanish course that begins in 8th grade (two consecutive semesters). In addition, the Spanish Connections course is offered to the students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th for nine weeks. 


    Woodland Middle School is also proud because the 8th grade Advanced Spanish students completed their two year program last year and entered Honors Spanish II or Spanish II at Woodland High School this school year. Almost every school academic year, around 33 eighth graders will continue their studies in the second part of Spanish I course. Upon completion of this course, these students will be eligible to enroll into Honors Spanish II or Spanish II in the 9th grade. The Spanish Program main goal is to make sure that the students get enrolled into Honors Spanish III in 10th grade and AP Spanish in the 11th grade. At the same time, our new group of 8th grade Advanced Spanish students has begun their one year course and will graduate Woodland Middle with Spanish I next year. Congratulations!!!, Advanced Spanish students.


    This is an extraordinary opportunity for teaching Spanish to students. I am looking forward to work with all students. Furthermore, the excellent team and hard work at Woodland Middle School makes the areas such as the Academic Program, the Fine Arts, the Connections Program, the Administrative Team, and the Staff the main influencial factor on students' academic achievement. Woodland Middle School is well on its way to helping our students build brighter futures.

    Why study Spanish?
    There are many benefits to learning Spanish, specially at an early age. Listed you will find a few of these benifits...
    1. There are approximately 500 million Spanish speakers in the world and we will be able to communicate with these citizens better.
    2. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States and we will benefit from our Spanish skills in any field of work or career that we choose. (A few examples: we will have more costumers in retail; we will have more patients if we choose to be doctors or dentists; we will be able to travel more with    corporations; etc.)
    3. Studies indicate that student test scores and grades improve significantly when students begin and continue with the  study of Spanish or other second languages. Grammar rules, Geography, Literature, Math, Science, Art, Music, and Cultural awarenes among other topics are a very important part of Spanish class, always reinforcing what is learned in the Academic courses.