Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Flowers

As a high school student, I was often told that I wasn't "good enough". I wasn't good enough to play sports, I wasn't good enough for the debate team, and in the tenth grade, I was even told that I wasn't good enough to join the Army. I've often been told that same story during my twenty years of service in the Army National Guard. But as I reach the end of my service in the U.S Armed Forces, I have been honored to speak with a lot of fellow soldiers and former leaders who have negated the idea that I wasn't good enough as they reminded me of things that I'd assisted them with and thanked me for doing so. I came to realize that I am not meant for a career that does not provide a true service to others. I am not built for a job that places me sitting behind a desk all day. As I worked in the position of Substitute Teacher for several years, I quickly discovered that my true passion is in the service of others. Particularly with children in the classroom setting. Seeing first hand how their minds expand with new knowledge and how empowered they feel when they succeed at something they thought they never would...I belong in the classroom helping young, brilliant minds discover how brilliant they already are.