• Spring Exam Exemption Updated  

    In an effort to encourage and reward excellent attendance at the high school level, a student may exempt any one (1) final exam during the spring semester provided he/she meets the following criteria:

    • The student must not be absent from school, have checked in late (tardy to school), or checked out early for a combined total of more than five (5) times during each semester for any reason (excused or unexcused).  
    • The student must have a cumulative grade average of at least 80 in the course in which he/she wants to exempt the second semester exam, based on the final 4.5 week grade post from April 27th, 2022.
    • Exam exemption does not exempt students from completing work or assessments assigned between April 27th and the time of their respective exam. The course final average will reflect all practice work and assessment tasks for the entire semester.
    • The student must enroll before the spring FTE (March) count in order to exempt an exam.
    • No administrative disciplinary consequences can be received by the student throughout the academic school year.
    • The student must have earned credit for Section A (Fall Semester) of the course he or she wants to exempt in the spring.
    • Students may not exempt any state-required testing under this policy.                                                                           

    *** If a student exempts an exam, the cumulative grade will be entered as the final exam score. The cumulative grade includes all assignments/assessments in the practice work and assessment tasks categories prior to the exam. ***

    Additional Guidelines:

    • The student may pick up an exemption form from the front office after April 18th, 2022 and complete this form, as well as the parent/guardian acknowledgement portion.
    • Students will reference their 4.5 week grade on April 27th to qualify for spring exam exemption.
    • Any student who wishes to exempt any final exam must complete the form for exemption and submit it to the front office by April 29th, complete with parent acknowledgment of exemption.
    • Any subsequent exemption is provisionally approved pending continued attendance and no troublesome behavior leading into the exam period. Any student receiving administrative disciplinary consequences or violates the attendance requirements stated above after submission of the exemption form and prior to the exam will forfeit the right to the exemption and is expected to take that exam.
    • The form, with both the student request and parent authorization and acknowledgement, are due by Friday, April 29th before the close of school, and WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE. ANY FORM TURNED IN LATE AUTOMATICALLY FORFEITS THE RIGHT TO AN EXEMPTION.