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     STEM-tastic News

           The PGE Outdoor Classroom is open and ready for students to resume regular activities that enhance their learning experience.J  Stay tuned for more exciting news about the PGE Outdoor Classroom.

    STEM  in Action

     We are excited to announce a new PGE STEM Partner: Vulcan Materials J  Vulcan will work with multiple grade levels throughout the school year on Science driven projects addressing real world concerns.  This is the beginning of a GREAT Partnership… Welcome Vulcan

     Family Engagement

      We value the partnership with our parents

     Family Engagement Calendar: The calendar is full of activities, events and Parent Workshops that cater to the needs of our families.  If you have a suggestion for January's calendar or would like a hard copy, please email Mrs. Perrier (PIP) at PGEParents@gmail.com

     Click here or log onto our school website to access your copy


     Students of the Month

    Christian Ellenburg

    Grace McDaniel

    Elizabeth Gresham

    Aden Grimes

    Laura Alas

     Ian Aguilar

    Mariah Treadwell

    Emmonds Thompson

    Autumn Bullock

    Nahdia Bruce

    Autumn Jordan

    Kye Sanders

    Carter Harris

    Trenton Johnson

    Bella Chumbley

    Aubrey Blackburn

    Erachieo Benton

    Brody Cunningham

    Christopher Baker

    Drew Hartman

    Angelina Palominos

    Nevaeh Barry

    Sean Dotson

    Kenda Dechaine

    Clayton Taylor