•         Special Education / School Psychologist




    Dr. Arrington, School Psychologist

    Email: Donzaleigh.Arrington@henry.k12.ga.us


    "From our family to yours we are here to provide collaborative and compassionate services to help your children thrive academically, behaviorally, emotionally, and socially."



    School Psychologists are trained professionals with experience and expertise in psychology and education.  School psychologists are trained in child development, mental health and educational interventions, learning, behavior,  and student motivation. School psychologists are trained in curriculum and instruction, assessment, collaboration, consultation, system level analysis, and school law.  
    Our mission is to inspire students to reach their full potential through self-awareness and self-efficacy.  This approach encourages  students in becoming socially and emotionally integrated within the school setting, reflective thinkers, and engaged learners.  In addition, we work collaboratively with teachers, administrators, problem-solving teams, and parents to design, implement, and monitor the strategies educators use to facilitate student growth. 

    Our vision is to equip students, teachers, and parents with research-based skill building techniques that cultivate independent learners and academic achievers along with promoting competencies in behavior, social, and emotional functioning.