HCS is currently at Level 1 on our Continuum of Multi-Layered Mitigation Strategies

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    The Henry County Schools 2022-2023 School Year COVID-19 Playbook shows how our district is responding to Keep Henry Healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  With student and staff safety foremost in our planning, we have developed proven mitigation strategies to ensure that in-person learning in Henry County is one of the safest and most encouraging environments in which kids can thrive.  By working with the Department of Public Health, the GADOE, and other community officials to ensure that our buildings are as safe as possible, our staff is fully trained, and our students are provided with every opportunity to learn. The core business of Henry County Schools is STUDENT LEARNING, and the Henry County Board of Education is committed to ensuring every student has access to a high-quality education.


  • Mitigation Adjustments and Good Practices 

    Here are just some of the ways we are modifying our practices to keep our staff and students as safe as possible while providing them the opportunity to learn. Henry County Schools expects exceptional learning outcomes, even as we meet the challenges of our current situation.


    Face Coverings & Personal Hygiene
          • Masks are optional on all HCS Buses & HCS Campuses
          • Hand sanitizing stations at high-traffic intersections within the school building

    Cleaning & Increased Sanitization
          • Conduct additional disinfecting and cleaning, utilizing Environmental Protection Agency-approved virucide cleaners
          • Ensure sanitization of frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles and light switches
          • Perform deep cleanings during periods when few or no students are on campus or during periods when few or no students are on campus or during low traffic periods

    Environmental Modifications & Enhancements
          • Promote use of individual (non-shared) refillable water bottles
          • Increase the frequency of ventilation maintenance, including the changing of air filters and cleansing of system coils

    High-Touch Considerations
          • Encourage use of My School Bucks (electronic payment system) to limit physical contact through money exchange
          • Encourage ticketless event accessibility where possible

          • Bus operations will run normally for the school year
          • Students will be asked to keep their hands to themselves and face forward throughout the trip to school and home
          • Enhanced cleaning practices will support bus safety

    Building Operations
    Henry County Schools is implementing a coordinated preventative disinfecting protocol in each building and office space.
    If there is a scenario in which a positive COVID-19 case is identified and there has been contact with local work space, consideration for additional actions will be taken, to include:
          • Continue Implementation of Preventative Practices

    Henry County Schools closely partners with the Georgia Department of Public Health to make a range of decisions for our school community. This partnership includes close communication and consultation to ensure the health and safety of our students, families, and staff.

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  • Due to the current health crisis situation, information contained on this site is subject to change as more information becomes available.  Planning and decision making is an ongoing process and this site is one way that we are keeping you informed about the latest modifications and adaptations to the operations of this district.  As always, the safety of our students and their families, our staff and our community, is a top priority as we navigate this uncertain time with confidence and care.