• Lisa Hart-Gray, Ed.D.
    Instruction & Personalized Learning Lead
    School Email Address: lisa.gray@henry.k12.ga.us 

    Welcome to my page!

        Here's a little information about me ... I began teaching at Excel Academy/Patrick Henry High School in August 2002.

        I started out teaching Orientation (when it was a whole week long and none of it was online!). I taught Orientation for 3 1/2 years, science for one semester, and taught English until May 2017, when I became the Instruction & Personalized Learning Lead. My focus now is providing professional development to teachers. 


         I love working at EXCEL because of the opportunities for success that we offer our students, including flexibility, choice, individualization, and positive relationships with teachers and fellow students. 


        I grew up and lived for many years in Indiana (Go Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers!!!) I have lived in Georgia since October 2001 and have become a fan of the Atlanta Braves. I haven't always been a teacher, having spent many years working in various settings, including state government, international manufacturing, and nonprofit organizations.


        I am married and have a sweet and crazy Schnauzer mix named Pita. Scroll on down to read a cool form poem about me. 


    Where I'm From
    a poem by Dr. Lisa Hart-Gray


    I am from custom-made clothes lovingly sewn by my own personal designer (Mom),

       From Chevrolets, new every two years because Dad drove them to death delivering the mail every day,

          And delivering telephone books at night in the winter, rain or snow.

    I am from the red brick house on the corner with a golf-ball-chasing dog named Little Bit

       And a tetherball pole and the perfect driveway for roller skating (watch out for the hill).

          From Dad perfecting his chip shot and a wall for practicing my tennis strokes,

             But never a pony.

    I am from nurtured green lawns with nary a weed,

       Mowed with the push mower my Dad bought Mom for Mother’s Day.

          From a peony bush bursting forth its blooms in the spring,    

             And evergreens galore planted carefully by my father,

                While the houseplants precariously clung to life because Mom was no green thumb.

    I am from both shopping and frugality,

       From Mom, who could shop the entire mall and never spend a dime,

          And from Dad, who worked two and three jobs to pay off the house before I graduated high school.

             In the end, it turns out I am much better at shopping than being frugal.

    I am from the conviction that hard work gets you somewhere

       And that you should be early for everything.

          And that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    From “eating your vegetables makes you strong"

       And “you’d better be home before the streetlights come on”.

          From “you’re not missing school unless you’re really sick”

             And the belief that actions speak louder than words.

    I'm from the Hoosier state - the land of corn and soybeans - where basketball is king,

       From homemade mac and cheese and having breakfast for dinner.

    From a mother who grew up without her mother,

       From a daddy whom I loved with all my heart,

          From a brother I barely know because of the 16 years between us,

             And from a family flung far and wide.

    I am from black and white pictures in old scrapbooks with thick black pages captioned in white ink,

       From the old water truck my dad drove to earn extra money for his family,

          From cardboard boxes of toys from my childhood stashed haphazardly in the attic,

             From piles and piles of books that have followed me all over the country,

                From the red brick house on the corner where my mother lived until she was 89.

    I am from all this and much, much more.