• Welcome to Ms. McLeod's Web Page

    Teacher Name: Shenique McLeod

    School Email Address: Shenique.McLeod@henry.k12.ga.us

    Hello! My name is Shenique Mcleod and I am your Student Support Facilitator. 


    SSF Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Coordinate the duties and responsibilities of the local schools’ Multi-tiered Support Systems (MTSS) and Student Support Teams (SST), IEP Teams.
    • Respond to parent needs and concerns in a timely and appropriate manner.
    • Work with building-level leadership to maintain and/or coordinate academic and behavior support programs for students.
    • Manage and collaboratively ensure completion of eligibility consideration paperwork and eligibility meetings.
    • Participate in student support meetings, 504 meetings, special education eligibility meetings, and IEP meetings as needed.
    • Provide coaching to staff in implementing academic and behavior support programs.
    • Improve student instruction through classroom visitation, observation, and demonstration teaching.
    • Assist with crisis intervention as needed.
    • Work with school staff to interpret test results for the improvement of student instruction and achievement.
    • Work with MTSS focus-team in maintaining a structure for consistently monitoring the progress of students participating in academic and behavioral support programs.
    • Provide consultative and resource services to teachers and parents/guardians of students receiving academic and behavioral support.
    • Participate in school-based MTSS focus teams.
    • Support teachers in maintaining compliance with the local school system, state, Federal regulations, and Board of Education policies.
    • Prepare and submit reports as required by the school system.
    • Coordinate with MTSS Focus-Teams in developing and implementing procedures for assessing the effectiveness of the local school MTSS initiatives and other school-level academic and behavioral improvement programs