• Welcome to Reading Enrichment (Video Introduction)




    Welcome! (Meeting and Greeting You)

    I am excited to serve as your Impact Academy Reading Specialist (click here) for the 2022 -2023 academic year. The implementation of the Read 180 innovative reading intervention program is a vital part of our district’s literacy plan. The instructional model has proven to result in student achievement. I believe in your ability to meet and exceed your reading, writing, speaking, and listening goals during our time together.  My mission is for every scholar to develop a love for literature and learning in life. You have an amazing opportunity to courageously take ownership for YOUR growth by exploring the books and literature you ENJOY with teacher, peer, and family support in our Read 180 classroom community.

    Each one of us has the right to develop and learn to our full potential. You possess the power to confidently  and successfully level up in literacy utilizing the Read 180 intervention program.  Each scholar will take ownership for his or her work, and evidence of growth is expected weekly.  You’ve got this!

    Our initial instructional lessons involve developing and maintaining a growth mindset. That’s what we are born to do! Let’s enter every class just as we entered the world! We come brilliantly and boldly belonging to the Reading Support Read 180 course as a connected, caring family! See you soon!

    ~Dr. T. Jones