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    Dear Parents & Students, 


    Welcome to the Locust Grove Elementary family!!! I hope you had a great summer, and are ready to get back to learning. I will be your ELA and Social Studies teacher. We are going to have an AWESOME year! I have been busy planning engaging lessons and activities that will challenge you to grow both mentally and academically. Together we will work to increase your understanding of Reading and Language Arts. We will also explore U.S. history from the Civil War all the way to current events. I love reading and history, and hope to share that love with you! We will work together to create an engaging learning experience.

    Although this year is starting off differently than those preceding, we are up to the challenge. I will be here to support and cheer you on every step of the way.  You can contact me via my school email, doris.abolarin@henry.ga.us or call/text me at (470) 327-0290. The school phone number is (770) 957-5416.



    Doris Abolarin

    Doris Abolarin