• Room # 804


    Environmental Science Google classroom code: nwpyuoe (1st Block)


    Biology Google Classroom code:  oww4ki5 (3rd Block)                                                                         


    Biology Google Classroom code: nw4seor (4th Block)





    OHIO UNIVERSITY: M.S. Athletic Administration

    MOREHOUSE COLLEGE: B.A. Kinesiology, Sports Studies & Physical Education

    ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY: GA State Certification

    Email: dejuan.payne@henry.k12.ga.us

    Tutoring during remote learning: Fridays by appointment.

    ESE: Blended Learning & Resource Science Teacher; Assistant Football & Wrestling Coach

    GO Dawgs!!!



    My name is De Juan Payne. I am an ESE instructor, within the Science Department. I've been in education for 11 years. Education is my passion and I strive to share the love of learning with my students. My goal is to have every student think and live in a way in which they can see science and use cognitive skills is a part of their daily lives. Every student will be expected to work hard to achieve success. Students can find all my assignments and resources on google-classroom. Students will create their goals for each unit and follow an action plan in which they will decide their individual pathway for success. Science students are expected to put in at least 30 minutes of personal learning outside of class time.  I am here to help each student, and those who need services and/or accommodations can reach out to me as for a 1-ON-1 conversation about progress or tutoring.  


    Remote Learning Update:  It is a difficult time for everyone, and we are in this together. We understand that this is new for everyone but communication and effort  on both sides will be needed to be successful. Please know I am with you to help you in whatever way I can to facilitate the learning process. We will follow the remote instructional methodology as outlined by HCSS. All my assignments will be posted on google classroom and google sites (under construction).  Please read my syllabus carefully wherein I have outlined all the details. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach me via email at dejuan.payne@henry.k12.ga.us.  


    Benefits of Personalized & Virtual Learning


    1. Purposeful Learning


    1. Intrinsic Motivation


    1. Focus is on student’s learning capacity than the ability to be taught


    1. Goal setting, action plan and measuring progress determines the pathway


    1. Self-efficacy exercised, with independent learning skills


    1. Ownership of learning


    1. Student practices voice and choice


    1. Skill development and comprehension, more than memorizing content


    1. Self-management


    1. College and career ready skills