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    Please make sure your child is prepared for class everyday. Parents, please keep in mind that it is your child’s responsibility to keep up with their work. Students are expected become independent learners and thinkers as they prepare for third grade. 


    Classwork: Students are provided time in the school day to work on assignments, which are due the same week.

    Assignments are due each Friday by 2:00 p.m. If your child has a missing assignment it will receive a grade of a zero.

    Missed assignments negatively affect your child's grades.

    *As of 2/1/2021, resubmitted classwork will not be accepted for a new grade unless stated in the comments. Students need to put forth their best effort the first time, not the second or third.  

    Late work: As of Friday 10/2/20 at 3pm, I will no longer accept exceptionally late work. This is work later than 1 week- for example if the work is due 10/2/2020, I will accept it up until 10/9/2020 but after that  date your student will receive a grade of zero for their missing assignment(s)! 

    As stated before, work that is received late during the acceptance period will receive a grade penalty.

    Homework: The only homework to be assigned at this time is incompleted work, book reports and projects.



    Please feel free to email me at amanda.harper@henry.k12.ga.us or Class dojo me your request with a time for conferences. Please keep in mind, all meetings will be timely and everyone is expected to behavior cordially.  Meetings will end abruptly if these measures are not followed.