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    This is a reminder that students will not log on for school on Friday, January 29th. They will however have tasks to complete inside their classrooms, Language Arts (Book Report), Mathematics (Line Plots and Time activity), and Social Studies (Creek and Cherokee American Indian Activity).
    I will be holding Parent-Teacher conferences on this day.



    Tuesday, January 26, 2021


    I will hold Parent-Teacher Conferences on January 28th, 29th, and February 1st, 2nd. I have placed a link in this message so that you may sign up for a conference.


    Thanks for all you do!

    Ms. Lee

    Wednesday, January 20, 2021

    As we enter the 2nd Semester of 2nd grade, the expectations for classwork has shifted. The 2nd Grade Team of teachers is working hard to help each of our learners become independent learners and thinkers. Before you know it, 3rd grade will be here and we have no time to waste as we continue to prepare them. The below expectations are reviewed every day in class and each student is aware of their responsibility. We continue to encourage our parents to check behind their learners at the end of their school day to make sure all assignments are completed and submitted. To do this, simply go to Google Classroom and click on the to-do tab list on the left side of the screen. 

    Classwork Info & Expectations

    1. Classwork is uploaded daily after and during lessons. Students are given independent worktime and opportunities to ask questions during class. Students should use this time to work. Please make sure your learner is in a quiet area and able to focus on their lessons and work. 

    2. Students have a day to complete their work. For example, assignments posted on Tuesday are due on Wednesday. Please know that it is expected for students to use all of their work time in class to finish so they don't have homework. If they don't finish during class, it becomes homework and due by the next day.

    3. Late work will be deducted 10 points for every day it is late. Please encourage your learner to complete the work when it is posted. 

    4. Work for the week will be deleted by the start of the next week. Students will be unable to complete work once it is deleted from Google Classroom. 

    5. Once Classwork is graded and sent back to your learner, it can not be resubmitted for a different grade. Incomplete work will be graded as is. 

    6. Students are responsible for knowing what is to be completed and when it is due.


    Thank you parents for your continued support!


    Effective date 10-5- 2020, I will be removing any previous week's assignment from the Google Classrooms on the upcoming Monday Evening.

    For Example, any assignments posted today 9-30-2020, or any other day this week will be removed from the Google Classroom on the upcoming Monday, 10-5-2020.

    So, what does that mean for your student?

    Any assignments not completed in that week's time frame, your student will receive a grade of ZERO for that assignment. Once the assignment is removed, from Google Classrooms, your student will be unable to do a make-up unless previously discussed with me.



    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Please be sure that your child has submitted the weekly classwork in Google Classroom. Students are provided time in the school day to work on assignments, which are due the same week. Effective the week of 9-8-2020, assignments are due each Friday by 2:00 p.m. Missed assignments will negatively affect your child's grades.






    Ms. Lee's Class will meet at its regular time on 9-2-2020.


    Important Update:

    Good Evening Parents,

    This is the third week of school, and I have assigned several activities in each classroom. I am showing that only a few assignments have been completed by some of your students. I am slowly starting to grade these items, as we move into the 4th week of school. Please check all of your student's classrooms for any unfinished work. I will not have grades for your student come progress report time if the work is not completed. Please work with your student to get the work completed. As a reminder, this is just like in class school and every day a student has work to complete. My expectation is for the student to complete the work. If you have questions please feel free to contact me by email.



    Please see the attached slide as to why your student is unable to see classwork and or google meet links in their google classroom.




    Please see the link below regarding Meal Distribution during remote learning.

    Meal Distribution




    Parents, please check your student's assignments every day. Work should be completed in a notebook or a composition notebook and uploaded as a picture to turn in.





                                           How to login to your Child's IPad                                             

    Help with Google Classroom

    How to login to Classlink

    Username: Student ID number (example: 123456)

    Password:  First and last name initials, six-digit birthdate, and # (example: PP090481#- if Spiderman was a student)

     If you do not have your child's student ID number or you have other questions please email me at Rachel.Lee@henry.k12.ga.us.

    Note:   Students will be able to access a google meet meeting via the Google classroom. We will be starting our day in the Math Classroom, so please click the meet link in that classroom.  The other classroom links will not work unless I am there.