• Snwazna Latson

    My name is Snwazna Latson. I have a BS. in Biology in Secondary Education and a MS. in Science Education. I have 10 years of experience teaching experience ranging from Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Human and Social Biology and Environmental Science. This is my first year teaching at Impact Academy. This year I will be teaching Anatomy and Biology. I look forward to our partnership.


    Open House Google meet:

    Email address: snwazna.latson@henry.k12.ga.us


    Course Syllabus:

    Anatomy Syllabus

    Biology Syllabus


    Office Hours: Monday 1:05pm - 2:20pm **BY APPOINTMENT**

    Tutoring Hours: Biology- Monday- 1:05pm - 2:20pm **BY APPOINTMENT**

                           Anatomy- Monday- 1:05pm - 2:20pm **BY APPOINTMENT**

    Student Protocol for Virtual Learning

    Remind codes per block

    Anatomy 1st Block text 9e43cgd @ to 81010

    Anatomy 2nd Block text ffhk48b @ to 81010

    Biology 3rd Block text 29d9a7 @ to 81010