• One Crazy Summer

    by Rita Williams Garcia Year Published: 2010

    The sisters from New York visit their mother, a Black Panther member in 1960s Oakland, California.

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  • Solo

    by Kwame Alexander Year Published: 2019

    This is hands down the best audiobook I've listened to. I had a great combination of narration, acting out each character, signing and even origianl music from the author. Take a listen for yourself. You will be immersed in Blade's world!

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  • ESSENCE Magazine

    by Various Authors Year Published: 2020

    ESSENCE magazine has been a favorite read of mine since I knew how to read. I love to read about fashion, travel, current events, social and poilitcal issues all from a perspective which represents me. The colorways and visual representations have always appealed to me and given me a sense of pride while I read. 

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  • Boy in the Striped Pajamas

    by John Boyne Year Published: 2006

    This moving story of 1940s Germany during the horrendous Holocaust will have readers intrigued and shocked. Two boys develop a friendship dispite being on opposite sides of life - literery and figuratively. They share a birthday and a desire for friendship, but their similarities end there. They are not able to play together, but their friendship blossoms as they escape their circumstances to talk and bond. One both boys curiosity and need for exploration ends tragically.

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  • Genesis Begins Again

    by Alicia D. Williams Year Published: 2019

    I HAVE READ HUNDREDS OF BOOKS! Genesis Begins Again is one of the best books I have ever read.  

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  • The Coffee Bean

    by Jon Gordon and Damon West Year Published: 2019

    Imagine you are submerged in a pot of boiling water. Would you soften like a carrot, harden like an egg or transform the water like a coffee bean? Hopefully, you would choose to be the coffee bean. Life's circumstances have the ability to wera you down or transform you and those around you. This short motivational story focuses on the life of it's protagonist. Readers could easily replace the events of his life with your own to create a positive change for the world within you and around you.  #BeTheBean

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  • The Bridge Home

    by Padma Venkatraman Year Published: 2019

    Younger sister Viji, encourages her older yet mentally challenged sister Rukku to leave home in the middle of the night after their last incident with their abusive father. The girls go form the country of India to the Inner city where they are thrust into a life of survival, but yet feel more free than they did in their abusive home. She meets boys Mukku and Arul on the bridge where they take shelter and adventure, love and a new family begins.  

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  • The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir

    by Ta-Nehisi Coates Year Published: 2018

    Author and narrator Ta-Nehisi Coates chronicles his upbringing Baltimore.

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  • My Name is Not Friday

    by Jon Walter Year Published:

    Samuel is his name... not Friday. Free-born Samuel is sold into slavery in Mississippi during the Civil War. While held captive, he is determined to make his mistress see the humanity in he and his fellow field hands.  While kidnapped he never forgets about the younger brother he left from the orphanage and intellegently plans a way to return to reunite with his brother. The turn of events that occur on the way to freedom slow him down and reshape his world, but they do not deter him.

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  • P. S Be Eleven

    by Rita Williams Garcia Year Published: 2013

    Eleven year old Delphine is a bright young lady who has developed new thoughts and ideas after returning from a summer with her mother in Oakland, California. As she begins her sixth grade year in NYC she has developed an interest in literature, boys and womanhood. While her and her younger sisters write letters to their mother, she is constanty encouraged to be "Be Eleven".

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