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    Data for Population Dashboard Sourced from DPH Daily Status Report

    On August 30, 2020, the Henry County Board of Education adopted a comprehensive plan to gradually re-open Henry County Schools campuses to in-person learning.  Part of that plan was to monitor specific data points to determine if conditions are appropriate to open and maintain school campuses.  To see the full plan, click here.

    This dashboard has been constructed by Henry County Schools and is updated weekly using data provided by the Department of Pubilc Health.  It represents the new positive COVID-19 cases in Henry County over a 14-Day period. This is meant to aid understanding of whether the outbreak is growing, leveling off, or declining and can help to guide the COVID-19 response.    Source   |   GO TO DASHBOARD

    The following Henry County Population information is now available on this interactive data dashboard:  

    • Number of COVID-19 positive cases  
    • The 14-Day new case rate 
    • Daily Average of new positive cases
    • New Cases since last week
    • Incidence Rate



    Henry County Schools COVID-19 Weekly Data Dashboard 

    As we continue to monitor health conditions in our community and our school system, Henry County Schools will continue to share COVID-19 impact data with our stakeholders. Previously published District data included weekly totals for the number of positive COVID-19 cases, the number of direct internal exposures, and the number of newly quarantined individuals.  GO TO ARCHIVE DATA TRACKER 

    When students returned to campus on September 28, 2020, we also began analyzing data for each school.  To make this information easy to access and analyze, we have developed an interactive data dashboard for our stakeholder community.  

    The following Henry County Schools information is now available on this interactive data dashboard:  

    • Number of COVID-19 on-campus positive cases  
    • Number of individuals identified as close contacts on-campus  
    • Number of individuals in quarantine due to COVID-19 
    • On-campus incidence rate (% of on-campus population newly positive)  

    Data may be filtered to examine impact on a specific population, cluster, school level, or school.

    HCS daily and weekly reports every positive case and quarantine impact to DPH.
    Instances may emerge (five positive cases in a fourteen day period) that cause DPH to further evaluate and confirm that cleaning and sanitization procedures are intact and completed.


    We will also continue to provide our stakeholders with Henry County population COVID-19 data.  Reviewing Henry County population data along with Henry County School data allows stakeholders to compare conditions in the school district with conditions in the local community. More COVID-19 data for the state of Georgia and Henry County may be found through the Georgia Department of Public Health.