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    Hello fabulous families! My name is Lorraine Gregory-Aikens, and I will be your new First Grade Teacher!!! Yay! My email is: lgregoryaikens@henry.k12.ga.us   I will also be sending you a link for Dojo, which is our communication app that gives great information on what is happening in class. 


    Mrs. Aikens!  Mrs. Aikens

    I have been teaching for over 25 years and am so excited to see you in my class! Some of you may know me as just Mrs. Aikens, and I cannot wait to see all of your wonderful faces in our building and the Google Classroom!

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    I am originally from New Jersey, and moved to the wonderful state of Georgia in 2009! Can you find New Jersey on the map?  I love the weather here and have met many wonderful people! I have Master Degrees in Education, Teaching students with Disabilities, Technology, as well as Supervisory, so I am very well rounded! 

    This year, we are starting off with Remote Learning to ensure we all stay safe! We will still have great activities, learning groups, individual groups, and class discussions while following the Henry County excellent curriculum! After Fall break, September 28-October 2, we will begin to transition into the building. Please visit the Henry County Website for more information.

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    What should you do? You have a responsibility to come to class, do your work, learn some fun ideas and skills, think hard, and participate in our Virtual and in-class Classroom! Don't worry, you will have lots of ways to learn, and isn't that what school reallly is now? You will learn to: Read, Write, understand Phonics, Grammar, Math, Social Studies, and Science all in our great Google Classroom and in the building. Just a reminder: For Remote students school starts at 7:45 AM, and students are expected to stay in class until 2:15 PM. We will all learn and practice how to be kind to each other, how to respect our school and rules, what a good citizen looks like digitally, in addition to continuing to understand how to be great students and citizens once we are back in school, and at home! We want to be Responsible, Respectful, and Safe! You will also meet our class puppets, who will help you on your way to first grade excellence! Can you guess their names?

    Our Virtual Classroom! Our Virtual Classroom!

    Our supply list is posted on the Henry County Website for first grade. We will need the cleaning supplies now that we are going back into the classroom. 

    When you come to our Google Classroom, and in the building, make sure you have your notebooks, sharpened pencils, crayons, and your headphones so that we can start learning and working quickly.

    Please email me with any questions an concerns as We are all in this Together!