Hello and welcome to the Art Room at Eagle's Landing Middle School.  My name is Daena Isenberg and I will be your art teacher.  I have a Studio Art degree with an emphasis in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia.  It is my goal to help all students understand that art is all around us and a part of our daily lives.  Some people express themselves through their clothing or the car they drive.  How we decorate our living areas and how we design our buildings are all part of visual art.  Even the videos that accompany our favorite music and the movies we watch are all art.

    I want all students to understand that creativity and imagination are valuable and necessary in today's work place and society.  Learning to "problem solve" in a creative way is a life skill.  Students will also have the opportunity to view artwork from around the world from different time periods.  They will understand that art is influenced by socioeconomic factors, as well as the politics of the time.  It can be influenced by the artists emotions or the emotions the artist wants the viewer to feel.  And lastly, when we view artwork, we are influenced by our own experiences and emotions.  

    Students will also create art using a variety of mediums from colored pencils, drawing pencils, charcoal, paint, and clay to name a few.  They will experiment and work in their sketchbook to refine ideas before creating the actual project and learn the value of having a plan before you act.


    Daena Isenberg