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    Email: kelsi.nguyen@henry.k12.ga.us Availability: 7:15 am- 3:15 pm

    Contact me with any questions or concerns.


    *Classlink and Epic work on both iPads and Computers

    The assignments below are to be completed in addition to worksheets provided. 

    Student Login Information

    Classlink (See attachment in email)                                                         Google Classroom Login 

    Username: student id number                                                                 Email: student id number@henry.k12.ga.us

    Password: first initial last initial mmddyy#                                                Password: Same as Classlink

    Example: Jane Doe DOB: 07/04/2012.                                                     EX: 123456@henry.k12.ga.us

    Password would be jd070412#

    Remote Learning Schedule

    Assignments on Classlink

    Ed- Core Content (HMH)

    Math: 40 minutes a day (20 online/ 20 worksheet)

    • Work on paper math packet. 
    • Poggles game →  Select Math from the top left corner and then go to assignments. Students should be able to navigate HMH. Do not submit the game simply close out so students still have access. 10 minutes
    • Work on and review Modules 10 or more minutes a day

    *Students may have completed some modules already. They can still review and practice. 

      • Week 1: Monday :1 Tuesday:  7 Wednesday: 8 Thursday: 11 Friday: Review any missed modules. 
      • Week 2: Monday: 12 Tuesday: 15 Wednesday: 16 Thursday: 17 Friday: Review any missed modules.


    McGraw Hill (Open Court)-

    ELA (20 minutes a day)

    Please have students read, practice creating words, and playing the games provided in the lessons below for 20 minutes a day. 

    To access books, games, and activities go to the days listed. 

    • Unit 5 Lesson 3 Day 5 ( Week 1: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
    • Unit 5 Lesson 4 Day 5 ( Week 1: Thursday, Friday. Week 2: Monday, Tuesday) 
    • Unit 5 Lesson 5 Day 5 (Week 2: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)


    Assignments not on Classlink


    Reading (30 minutes a day)

    Class code: lgv1886

    Social Studies Integration 

    Read books on people below. Pick 4 books to read and write about. Include an introduction, three key details, and a conclusion statement. 

    • Jimmy Carter (Week 1: Tuesday/ Thursday)
    • Jackie Robinson (Week 2: Tuesday/ Thursday)

    Prodigy (Optional) 

    Math (10 minutes a day)

    Students will need to create a new account with my class code. 

    Class code: F511CF 

    Scholastic Watch & Learn Library 


    Username: Learning20

    Password: Clifford

    Science (30 minutes every other day)

    Search lesson topics, watch the video, and take the quiz.

    Pick 3 lessons to write about. Include the main idea and three details.

    • Let’s Stop Erosion
    • Observing the Sun
    • In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb
    • Our Incredible Solar System 
    • From Tadpole to Frog
    • Spring Babies


    Watch & Learn about Social Studies and Science Topics


    Username: Learning20

    Password: Clifford

    Topics to search:

    • Jackie Robinson
    • Rainy Weather Days
    • Stars


    Worksheet Packets:

    Math: Students will complete the money packet in Week 1 and then complete the other packet in Week 2.


    ELA: Students will need to read 2 books on Epic if necessary to complete the Story Maps (Plot Train Worksheet/ One for both weeks). The rest of the work may be divided into the two weeks.


    Social Studies: Complete the Jimmy Carter packet in Week 1.