• Welcome to Ms. Truitt's page! 

    Below you will find Ms. Truitt game plan for remote learning:)  

    As you all know, the next two weeks of school will be done remotely due to school closures in Henry County. I am going to outline our learning plan in this letter. Each point will be listed under headings and if you have questions please reach out on email ( elizabeth.truitt@henry.k12.ga.us) or class dojo!


    How are we going to do lessons?

    I will be posting videos in google classroom as well as interactive whiteboard notes for each subject, each day. These will include a mini lesson for the standard as well as instructions for the activities that they will be completing. The students will be able to watch these as much as needed as they will be stored in their google classroom.



    The students assignments will be posted into google classroom. There will be a mix of paper pencil activities that will be specified in the directions and online assignments. All assignments will be turned into google classroom. To submit paper/pencil assignments they will need to be photographed or scanned and then submitted into the turn in tab which will be with the assignment. To submit online all the students will have to do is push the turn in button on their screen.


    How will assessments be done?

    Assessments will take place on illuminate all students are familiar with this program! Some assessments will be done as google quiz to provide variety. There will be one assessment per subject each week no more than 10 questions.


    How Do I Access Everything?

    I will be releasing on my webpage this evening if needed for these steps:

    1. Go to the East Lake Elementary webpage and click on the students tab
    2. Scroll to the Launchpad heading and click on that heading
    3. The students will then be able to login with their normal logins

                                                    -Username: the students lunch #

                                                    -Password: the students first and last initial, their birthday, then the # sign


    Then all of the students' apps will be displayed. The students know how to use all of their apps!

    Most used apps:

    1. Odessey Ware
    2. AR
    3. Illuminate
    4. Google classroom


    How will Parents/Students interact with Ms. Truitt?

    I will be conducting office hours Monday- Friday from 9am to 3pm per County directions.

    I will be available through classroom dojo, google classroom, and email during those times!  I can also conduct parent teacher conferences as needed on Google me