•  Associate Board of Directors

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    Mission: The Associate Board of Directors is student-leadership group designed to promote involvement, ownership, leadership, and stewardship in the supervision and planning of activities within the organization.


    Vision/Purpose: The Academy for Advanced Studies seeks to promote a school culture that instills pride, spirit, service, and achievement within our students. The purpose of this group is to provide students’ a voice in organizational processes to encourage excitement and fidelity in school-based initiatives.


    Students’ Role: Elected students will serve as associate board members to share ideas, concerns, and promote student interest events as they pertain to the school-wide initiatives of the Academy for Advanced Studies. Students will consult with their peers and present class issues to the CEO and AAS Board of Directors. Students will plan and facilitate service and community based events to strengthen relationships with adults in our school and community.


    Students elected into the role must display high-integrity and care in displaying appropriate behavior, academic excellence, and respect toward peers and adults. Elected students will be positive role models whom will embody the expectations for a college and career ready learner.  Elected members will serve for a minimum of one school term.


    CEO/Governing Committee’s Role: With the support of a school-based advisor, the CEO and the Board of Directors will model parliamentary procedures during regularly planned organizational meetings. At the CEO’s discretion, the Associate Board of Directors’ president will be invited to sit during appointed board meetings. The CEO or the designee will participate in informal planning meetings to share goals, vision, and provide feedback throughout the year to ensure continual alignment and progression toward achieving a strong cultural basis for the Academy.