• Welcome to Dutchtown Middle School! I am excited about the 2020-2021 school year and  I am happy to be your Graduation Coach. The mission of graduation coach is to ensure the successful transition of all students from elementary to middle school, middle to high school and high school to post -secondary education or work.  

    The role of the graduation coach is to identify and provide early intervention services to students at risk of dropping out or otherwise not graduating by analyzing data to indentify students at risk of dropping out. Graduation coaches help to:


    • implement schoolwide support interventions.
    • motivate students to focus on a graduation plan.
    • negotiate extra help services.
    • offer academic advisement.
    • provide direct student support and case management.
    • develop effective transition programs.
    • connect parents and students with appropriate school and community resources.
    • establish mentor programs and encourage parent/community involvement.


    I believe that if we, as educators and parents, work together for the common purpose of increased academic achievement, there is nothing our learners cannot do!

    Thanks so much for visiting the Graduation Coach webpage!