Class Overview 


    ¡Bienvenido! Welcome to Spanish! In this class we will be immersing ourselves in the culture and language of Spanish speaking people around the world. We will be refining our Communication skills, gaining different Cultural perspectives, Comparing the Spanish language and culture to our own, Connecting our world language skills to other subject areas.

    Topics we will cover include greetings, classroom vocabulary, nationalities, school, weather expressions, family and friends, food, clothing and shopping.

     Be prepared to work, have fun, converse, and create – all in Spanish! 

    Goals for this class: 

    1. To be able to view our own world through others’ perspectives.
    2. To be able to successfully communicate in Spanish in specific situations.
    3. To be able to identify and appreciate the Latino influence in our lives.
    4. To be able to understand the importance of learning a world language. 

              An open-mind




    Class Expectations


    1)  Be Respectful.

    Listen to your teacher. Listen to your classmates. Wait your turn to   talk.

     2)  Be Responsible.

    Come to class on time. Have your binder and pen or pencil. Be ready to learn and participate.

     3)  Be Honest.

          If you don’t understand something ask for help.

     4)   Be Polite.

    Try to express your opinion in a nice way. Even if you disagree,    there is no need to be rude.


     Classroom Rules


    1) Listen.

    2) Stay on task.

    3) Ask Questions.

    4) Participate in Class.

    5) Be organized.

    6) Review your work.

    7) No food, drinks or gum allowed.

    ❖ Date each paper in the top right hand corner.