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    Business & Computer Science (Grades 6-8)

    Dutchtown Middle School

    "Expect Exceptional"

    Instructor: Mrs. Gerlanna Dickey

    E-mail: gerlanna.dickey@henry.k12.ga.us

    Tutoring Hours: (Available upon request) - Tuesday mornings from 7:45 AM to 8:15 AM

    Remote Learning Days Office Hours (Via E-mail or Google Meet): 

    Note: Google Meet Codes will be provided on Google Classroom.

    Connections Instructional Google Meet Office Hours – (Monday, Wednesday)

    7th Grade (7A & 7B)  Grade -1:15-1:45

    8th Grade (8A & 8B)  Grade- 1:50-2:20

    6th Grade (6A & 6B)  Grade- 2:25-2:55

    Connections Remediation Google Meet Office Hours - (Tuesday, Thursday) - This is for students that need extra support.

    7th Grade (7A & 7B)  Grade -1:15-1:45

    8th Grade (8A & 8B)  Grade- 1:50-2:20

    6th Grade (6A & 6B)  Grade- 2:25-2:55

    * Friday's - Teacher planning and students may make-up assignments 


    Using project-based instruction, students are introduced to the principles of business in the 21st century while refreshing their keyboarding skills. This course should also help students to use computers effectively in their lives, thus providing a connection of computer science and business careers. The goal of this course is to provide all middle school students with an introduction to the principles of computer science, basic keyboarding skills, Internet safety and usage, and computer applications. Students will explore how personality traits and personal values align with career choices and will develop a career plan. Personal, professional, and ethical standards of behavior for the workplace will be examined and reinforced in the classroom.


    90 – 100% = A

    80 – 89% = B

    74 – 79% = C

    70 – 73% = D   

    Below 70% = F