• Welcome to Agricultural Sciences
    Teacher Name:  Sherry Crown
    School Email Address:  scrown@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Basic Agriculture Science, Plant Science and Biotechnology, Animal Science and Biotechnology, and Biotechnology Capstone for Seniors.

    General Information About the Pathway

    The Agriscience Pathway consists of three different classes but Ag has some extra opportunities for scholarships and competitive events your Senior Year that you don’t want to miss, so we have a 4th year class for those students who have completed the first three classes of the Pathway. Ag studies encompasses 3 things equally; Ag Classroom instruction, a major project called SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience), and FFA (Future Farmers of America)-no, you don't have to be a farmer. Also, if you complete the Ag Pathway, it possible to have either Plant Science or Animal Science count as a 4th Science credit towards graduation.  The first class a student takes in this pathway is "Introduction to Agriculture", commonly referred to as Basic Ag. 

    This class provides an overview of Animal & Plant Science plus snippets of Ag Business, and Ag Mechanics technology skills careers required for today's world.  Students are expected to join FFA and be active with the group to develop Leadership skills throughout their time in Ag Classes.After a student passes Basic Ag, students will take Plant Science or Animal Science, then the 4th year class.  Animal and Plant courses are more in-depth study and also permit students to be more independent towards studying areas of their specific interests. Finally, after a student successfully passes both Animal and Plant Science courses, he or she will take the End of Pathway Assessment towards the end of their third year.  Student who also take 3 or 4 year of Ag classes and are active members of FFA and complete their SAE project, will earn a State FFA Degree AND an FFA Cord for graduation.  There are a number of opportunities for students to earn scholarships and grants through their participation with FFA. We do travel throughout the state for competitions (before Covid)  Be active! 

    Agriculture is the one thing we can't live without--we all have to eat!! We get many other things from agriculture, but food is probably the most important and the one we think about the most often.  Without agriculture we would starve. The average farmer produces enough to feed about 150 people.  Most farmers today have a college degree and it’s big business. he United State of American is a self-sufficient nation when it comes to food production. Except for things that don't grow very well in America due to climate--you are probably eating an American grown product every time you eat. This is important for our economy--especially in today's times.  American's spend only about 15% of their annual income on food, much less than any other country--we have the American Farmer to thank for this. I will strive to focus on the benefits and importance of agriculture on a community, national, and global level.  The largest employer within the Federal Government is the USDA. (United States Department of Agriculture).  

    Contact me anytime with email scrown@henry.k12.ga.us or contact me through the school at 678-583-8502.  When calling, it may be late afternoon before I can return your call, so email is often the best method in which to contact me.