• Hey Parents & Students!


    Here is the codes for Google Classroom based on class period:


    2nd period: worsgoo
    3rd period: vw5y2ie
    4th period: qdqzyg7
    5th period: dl3q5j7
    6th period: i5pz4db
    7th period: 7wvgnai
    Students should already have access. Only Henry County students and staff can access these pages, so if you are wanting to stay up to date on your child's Google Classroom & assignments (which they will have during this school closure period), ask your student to pull up their Google Classroom for you to monitor daily. I will be uploading an FFA PowerPoint on all Google Classroom pages beginning Monday, March 16th. I will also be posting Bell Ringers under our "Stream" tab daily. New Bell Ringers will be checked every Friday, beginning March 20th. Assignments can be found under the "Classwork" tab. ALL assignments should be submitted under the Assignment post, NOT shared through Google Docs! Make sure your child is familiar with this process. We have done assignments in the past this way, so they should know.
    • March 17th: Bell Ringer Check (ALL GRADES! ALL students should already have M-F's Bell Ringer so there is absolutely NO REASON anyone should receive a zero!!!)
    • March 25th: SAE Log Book Packet Check. I will still check student's log book packets on this date. Cover page (except Accomplishments) need to be filled out, as well as their 2 hours towards their project needs to be completed. If your child has a plant at the school for their SAE, it will be in the ELHS greenhouse, but I suggest buying seeds from Dollar Tree, Home Depot, or Walmart to start over. Many students just started their seeds yesterday, so it should not be a problem on "starting over". They will need a small bag of soil, a seed of their choice, and small pots (or germination tray). If you'd like a germination tray for your student, please contact me Monday. For the students who take care of our ELMS animals for their SAE, they should already have 2 hours from coming every day for 30 mins a day. They will need to log their time in by the 25th.
    The link below is the list of your student's SAE project. Click on the tab at the bottom to choose your student's class period:
    For our Southern Belle Farms field trip, we will need to reschedule once school opens back up. I will keep you all posted!
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your child's 2 weeks easier.
    Phone: 678-477-8342 
    *Please leave a message if I do not answer.
    Office Hours: M-F 10-11am & 2-3pm
    Thank you!