• Hello, at this time, everything is running accordingly!

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  • I can't send emails with my student account - why?

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    A) Make sure you are using Outlook, and not Gmail. Within Launchpad, it is the Orange icon.

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  • Is it a Chromebook or a Laptop?

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    A) Chromebooks; they are basically the Internet attached to a keyboard. Chromebooks do not function the same as a Windows, or Apple machine.

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  • Why was my Loaner Disabled?

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    A) Loaners will be disabled if not returned after 2 contact attempts have been made to swap out the device. Contacts are made via email and phone, information pulled from the Student's account. 

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  • Who Can Access my Student's Chromebook?

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    A) Anyone with a Henry County account can use our devices. This is also traceable.

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  • Are Chromebooks traceable?

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    A) Only devices can be tracked, and up to 3 months back. Chargers are not traceable.


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  • Below are quick guides for the most-reported issues.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Symone Thompson  

    Google Meet code: techlady

    My name is Ms. Thompson, LHS in-house Technician.

    I address staff & student technology requests online and on campus. My Google Meet is available by request from email for the summer hours. Stop by if you have any Tech-related issues and/or questions by making an appointment!
    Make Your Appointment Here

    I do not address Infinite Campus for Parents. Please contact the front office for assistance with IC. 


    Visit MySchoolBucks to purchase lost/stolen Chromebook Chargers.

    • For same-day pickup as your purchase, please forward me a screenshot of your receipt and students are able to receive their chargers immediately, instead of waiting the two weeks delivery time!
    • Students can bring their chargers to campus, however, it is highly suggested that students keep their chargers at home to minimize the chances of their it being stolen or lost. No chargers will be loaned - they must be bought if misplaced.

    Since August 3rd, 2020 students and parents are able to create service tickets via Incident iQ. 

    Instructions for creating & submitting tech-related tickets 

    What requires a service ticket?

    ·         Lost Chromebooks*

    ·         Broken Chromebooks

    ·         Feature and accessibility errors/defaults

    o    Camera

    o    Touchscreen

    o    Trackpad

    o    Keyboard

    ·         Lagging or running slow

    o    This will result in a powerwash (device reset) which can take up to 30 minutes for remote users

    ·         Password resets

    ·         New case request

     *If a Chromebook is lost or stolen, please report this immediately so that our students can be issued with a replacement. At this time, Henry County Schools is not charging invoices to families for lost or stolen devices, however, that may be due to change in the future. The priority is that every student have a working device.