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    Welcome to Hampton Middle School's Choir Webpage!

    My name is Manolito Smith.  Originally from New Jersey, I bring a diverse, but absolute appreciation and love for the art of making music through singing.  Throughout my life experiences, it was music that was my 'catalyst for change' that helped get me to where I am currently.

    Whenever I opportunities to use music related to teaching, it is always my sincere hope to ignite, inspire, and nurture envisionings that can be used in everyday life.  I am proud of the music-making that the Henry County upholds.  I sincerely believe that not only can every child learn, but they can also come to know music, vocal music especially, as something they can use to think creatively, to achieve better grades, to understand various ethnic diversities, and to merely make the world a better place.

    Each day, I intend to challenge my 6th, 7th, and 8th singing students to not just sing, but to sing high, low, and somewhere in-between with confidence and assuredness.  Initially, not all students will understand nor appreciate my challenges so readily, but with consistency and a sincere level of care, learning will take place.  And, music will happen!

    I look forward to speaking with my students' parents and guardians.  I also look forward to engaging my on such a level that they will be inspired to share their music with you, their parent/guardians, through homework assignments, activities, field experiences, and performances.

    Again, I am proud to be a part of such an uplifting and encouraging school district and even prouder to be your child's teacher!