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    Teacher Name: Bryant Le


    School Email Address: Bryant.Le@henry.k12.ga.us


    Subject: Math Connection

    Mr. Le


              School: Clayton State University
              Degree: Math with Certification in Teaching Secondary Education  

         I became an educator to make a positive impact in the life of my students. I understand that I can't significantly change everyone's life; thus, I will give up on no one. I did not pick who my students are or did they pick who will teach them. It is FATE that we are here and it is DESTINY that they will succeed.  Success is the only option. 

          It doesn't matter where you were. The only thing that is important is where you are heading. It doesn't matter if students enter my class without knowing long division or the definition of 'variable'. Every child came from a different learning place and are learning at a different pace. I welcome all of my students to join me in this journey that I call 'life'. Along the way, I will ensure that you will master mathematical standards . 
     "Pure mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas"
                                                                             ~~~ Albert Einstein