Greetings Locust Grove Community!


    It is with great pleasure that I am re-introducing myself to you in an exciting new role! I am the new Mental Health & Wellness Facilitator for Locust Grove High School. You may be asking yourself the question “what does that mean?”


    In a nutshell, the purpose of this newly created position for Henry County Schools is to make sure the needs of the WHOLE student are met. HCS is forging a new path in creating these positions at each school to make sure that student mental wellness is at the core of how we proceed forward after the unprecedented year and a half we have all faced. The goal, in short, is to provide resources for students and their families to address more than just credits earned or GPA. Many factors underlie student success outside of the classroom, and this position is focused on identifying and interweaving those factors into the culture at our school.


    I cannot wait to see what this school year has in store for us! We will unite as a school community for the success of our students!


    Warmest Regards,


    Dr. Ezel Harrell


    Main Office LGHS: (770) 898-1452

    Direct Line: (678) 466-0417