• Kindergarten: 

    Click the link below and pick an activity on your assigned PE day. After completing the activity, please answer the question in Google classroom.  If you would like, you can do the activities daily but only answer the question once (which will be your assigned PE day).  

    • What we are learning: Fitness Games At Home
    • There will be a PE Google classroom for each grade level the code is ( xtr7iea ). Once you complete your choice of a game for the day you will go to the Google Classroom and respond to these questions:
    • Explain to me which Activity you chose to perform and what you did during the Activity.
    • Explain how your body feels after completing the physical activities.

    Monday 3-30-20 - Friday 4-3-20

    Family Fitness Uno

    Fitness Dice Game


    Kids WORKOUT VIDEOS (open link and chose one)