• My name: Jeanine Conkle 

    E-mail: Gloria.Conkle@henry.k12.ga.us

    Team Sports: 2, 3, 4, 7 periods

    Personal Fitness: 5 and 6 periods   


    Hello Team Sports and Personal Fitness classes. Here is my schedule for the next 2 weeks.

    Office hours: 7:45-8:15 am; 3:15-3:45 pm; Monday-Friday


    All assignments will be posted on Google classroom for the next 2 weeks.  Please note the assignment due date listed for each assignment. As you are working on your Activity Log, please update the activity log each day so that I can see that your are getting the assignment completed by the due date.

    Don't forget to stretch and do your push-ups and curl-ups every day!!!


    Please feel free to e-mail me about any questions or concerns.  My e-mail address is- Gloria.Conkle@henry.k12.ga.us.


    Everyone stay safe and stay healthy. 

    Coach Conkle